From Northern Italy

Müller Thurgau DOC (13%) -Villa Corniole ~ Trentino – € 22.50
Pleasant aromatic on the nose, dry on the palate with light acidic structure.                                                                 Grape – Muller – Food pairing: aperitif and pasta dishes.                                                                                                                                  

Pinot Grigio DOC (13%) -Villa Corniole- ~ Trentin

 Yellow straw color, fruity with mineral notes, delicate and intense on the noise. Dry, soft, rich in fruity hints and persistent on the palate. Grape: Pinot grigio – food pairing: fish and pasta dishes 

Gewurztraminer (14%) -Villa Corniole- ~ Trentino~   € 27.50
Bright yellow straw. Flowery and fruity notes on the nose.
Grape: Gewurztraminer; Food pairing:  fish dishes and aperitif.

Prestige Lugana DOP  (12,5%) -CaMaiol- ~Lake Garda ~   € 24.50
Straw yellow color with a nice perfume of apple and lime, pleasant and soft on the palate.
Grape Trebbiano di Lugana; – Food pairing:risotto and fish pasta.

Molin Lugana DOP (13,5%) – CaMaiol ~   Lake Garda –        € 24.50

An elegant and fresh wine with a straw  yellow color,greenish ting and slightly fruity bouquet with a slightly bitter after taste.  Grapes: Trebbiano di Lugana; Food pairing: pasta and fish dishes.

 Contato Lugana  riserva DOP (13,5%) – CaMaiol ~   Lake Garda –        € 29.50

An intense color with a complexity of perfumes  greenish ting and slightly fruity bouquet with lemon, apple and citrus  scents. Grapes: Trebbiano di Lugana;   Food pairing: meat dishes.  

Langhe Chardonnay  DOC (13,5%) – Bel Colle ~   Piemonte –        € 22.50

An elegant, dry and full wine; with a pale yellow color, greenish ting and slightly fruity                                                                   bouquet with vanilla apple and banana scents. Excellent chardonnay !!                                                                                             Grape:100% chardonnay; – Food pairing: fish and pasta dishes.

Roero Arneis DOCG (13.5%) -Bel Colle ~Piemonte- € 23.50
Dry wine with refreshing fruitiness and a lovely floral bouquet.
Grape Arneis; – Food pairing: starters, fish dishes and young cheeses.
(The queen of Piemonte’s white)

Favorita DOC (13,5%) – Bel Colle ~ Piemonte- € 23.50
Inviting taste, slightly bitter and sharpish with a delicate bouquet.
Grape Favorita;- Food pairing: pasta, fish dishes and young cheeses.
(Very original and particular white wine)

Prosecco DOC (12,50%) -Franciacorta  ~Lombardia- € 27.50
Very pleasant with tropical flavours and zesty acidity. Very refreshing sparkling wine
Grape 100% Chardonnay; – Food pairing: aperitif and full dinner.
(Excellent value)

Pecorino IGT (12,5%) – Orlandi Contucci Ponno~ Marche–  € 21.50

A  fresh and light wine with lovely bouquet , slightly fruity and dry after taste.
Grape: Pecorino; – Food pairing: starter and pasta and pizza.

Bianco Toscano Valinardi IGT (12%) –  Tenuta Santini~ Toscana – €18.50
Soft straw yellow color with lovely bouquet and dry after taste.
Grape: Malvasia and Trebbiano toscano; – Food pairing: starter and pasta and meat dishes.

Vermentino Monteluna  DOC (13%) -Cantina Trexentra~  Sardegna-€ 21.50                                                              Very refreshing summer wine, crispy and fruity fragrance with a dry and persistence flavor.                                                           Grape:Vermentino di Sardegna   – Food pairing: aperitif  and pizza.

Beranu Nuragus  DOC  (12,5%)    Cantina Trexentra ~   Sardegna- € 19.50                                                                                  Full bodied;pleasant fragrance with tropical aroma. Good and well- balanced flavor.
Grape ;Nuragus-   Food pairing: fish and pasta dishes.    

                                                                               ROSE WINES

Roseri chiaretto   DO  (12,5%)    CaMaiol ~   Lake Garda  – € 21.50                                                                                 

 Smooth with a good persistence and an harmonious after taste.

Grape ;Groppello, Sangioves e Marzamino-   Food pairing: aperitif and pizza.         

Rosto DOC  (12,5%)    Castello di Radda ~   Toscana- € 21.50                                                                                 

Vibrant pink with a cherry ints crispy with scents of wild strawberry. Well- balanced flavor.
Grape ;Sangiovese-   Food pairing: aperitif and pizzas.