Cimbro IGT  (13,5%) – Villa Corniole  ~Trentino – € 24.50
Full ruby red with violet accents; fully, harmonic, well balanced and elegant after taste.
Grape: Lagrein and Teroldego ; – Food pairing: chicken and pasta dishes.   

7 Pergole DOC ( 13%) – Villa Corniole ~ Trentino – € 31.50
It’s a fruity and intense red ,with a smooth  and dry flavor after taste and a well and harmonic balance.
Grape: 100% Teroldego rotaliano; – Food pairing: red meat dishes. 

Lagrein DOC ( 13%) – Villa Corniole ~ Trentino – € 24.50
Ruby red and full bodied with good balance, smooth with a pleasant taste of tannin.
Grapes: 100% Lagrein – Food pairing: red meat.

Teroldego DOC (13%) – Villa Corniole- Trentino  € 25.50
Intense ruby color .Fruity with raspberry and red currant hints.

Grapes: Teroldego . Food pairing: pasta, pizza and chicken.

Nebbiolo d’Alba (13,5%) – Bel Colle –  ~Piemonte~   € 26.50 
Rich and slightly smooth with round and good structure.
Grapes: Nebbiolo ;- Food pairing:meat and cheeses.

  Barbera d’Alba DOC (13,5%) – Bel Colle –  ~Piemonte – € 25.50                                                                                                       Soft and full body with the right degree of acidity and bouquet of berries.
Grapes Barbera;- Food pairing: grilled meat and cheeses.

 Barbera d’Alba Superiore 2011 DOC (14,5%) – Bel Colle –  ~Piemonte – € 29.50                                                                      An excellent wines ,full body with a good balance of acidity and a soft and long after taste.
Grapes Barbera;- Food pairing: Red meat.  Notes: ageing 24 months in oak barrel . Excellent Barbera

Barbaresco Riserva 08 DOCG  (14,5%) – Piemonte – € 43.50
Full bodied and  smooth ,well balanced with an intense and fragrant bouquet of fruit and flowers mildly spicy.
Grapes Nebbiolo; – Food pairing; mature cheeses and red roast meat.                                                                                         

  Barolo DOCG   06-08  (14,5%) – Piemonte – € 31.50                                                                                                                        Deep garnet red sturdy and full bodied taste, harmonious and velvety                                                                                                         with a bouquet very intense and persistent.                                                                                                                                                             Grapes Nebbiolo;- Food pairing; cheeses ad red roast meat dishes.                                                                                                        Notes:  INCREDIBLE VALUE 

 Barolo Riserva DOCG   04  (14,5%) – Piemonte – € 43.50                                                                                                                        Awards with 3 glasses by Gambero Rosso !!  No comment absolutely superb !!!!                                                                                   Grapes Nebbiolo;- Food pairing; cheeses and red  meat dishes.

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC (13,5%) – Piemonte – € 22.50
Dry, harmonious and nicely bitterish, strong bouquet with touch of cherries.
Grapes: Dolcetto;- Food paring; pasta and cold starters.

Verduno Pelaverga DOC (13,5%) -Piemonte – € 24.50
Light ruby red with delicate fruit and pink hightligths notes.
Grapes Pelaverga;- Food pairing: cold cuts and mushroom . Notes: wine produced only by 3 vineyard !!

 Roero Monvije’ DOCG  (13,5%) – Piemonte – € 28.50                                                                                                                                Brilliant ruby red with an intense fragrance of rasberry and rose: smooth body and rich after taste.                            Grapes: Nebbiolo;- Food paring; cold cuts and cheeses. Notes: ageing 12 months in oak barrel.

Rosso Toscano Piastrino IGT (12,5%) –  Tenuta Santini  ~ Toscana – € 19.50                                                                Light and easy drink with a fruity after  taste.                                                                                                                                              Grapes: Sangiovese. Food pairing: pizza and  pasta.

 Chianti   DOCG (13%) -Tenuta Santini  ~ Toscana – € 24.50
Harmonious, dry with intense fruit. Very well known Italian wineཀ
Grapes:Sangiovese, Cannaiolo; Food pairing: chicken and  pasta.

  Caricello IGT-Tenuta Santini(13%) – Toscana – € 26.50                                                                                                                 Warm and good balanced red wine plenty of brambly red fruit.                                                                                                                   Grapes: Sangiovese ,Cabernet Sauvignon. Food pairing: cheeses and read meat.  

 Chianti  Classico  DOCG (14%) –  Castello di Radda   ~ Toscana – € 26.50
Intense ruby red,well balanced body with hint of violet and ripe plum to finish.                                                                      
Grapes: Sangiovese, Cannaiolo; Food pairing: chicken and pasta.

Chianti  Classico Riserva  DOCG (14%) –  Castello di Radda   ~ Toscana – € 33.50
Ruby red,with an intense fragrant of berries. Well balanced with a persistent after taste.                                                                  
Grapes: Sangiovese, Cannaiolo; Food pairing: chicken and pasta.                                                                                                   

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG  Poggio Guidone(14%) – Toscana – € 36.50                                                                             Harmonious with intense fruit. Full body with a  nice after taste of  red fruit.                                                                               Grapes: Sangiovese , Cannaiolo ;Food pairing: cheeses and read meat.     

Regia Specula DOCG   (13,5%) – Orlandi Cantucci Ponno ~Abbruzzo – € 22.50
Deep ruby red with fragrabtand versatile aromas of cherries.
Grapes: Montepulciano d’Abbruzzo; Food pairing: pasta and chicken.

Montepulciano d’Abbruzzo Riserva DOCG (14,5%) – Orlandi C. Ponno ~Abbruzzo- € 28.50
Deep garnet with purple highlights. Persistent, smooth and structured taste.
Grapes: Montepulcino d’Abbruzzo; Food pairing: red meat and cheeses.                                                                                         

Agape DOCG (14,5%) – Petrucca e Vela ~Lazio- € 24.50
A wine of elegant fruits and dark cherry with a full-bodied taste.
Grapes: Cesanese del Piglio; Food pairing: red meat and cheeses.

Nerva  DOCG (13,5%) – Petrucca e Vela ~Lazio- € 23.50
Brilliant and elegant wine with well balance  and rich after taste.
Grapes: Cesanese del Piglio; Food pairing: Pasta and chicken. 


Tintilia DOP  (14,5%) – Cantina Catabbo  –   Molise  € 28.50
Well balanced red with a rich and complex aromas of cherries and dark fruit.
Grapes: Tintilia; Food pairing: Red meat and cured meat.   Notes: rare wine from the smallest italian region.

Tanca su Conti riserva  DOC (13,5%) – Cantina Trexentra  ~Sardegna –  € 27.50                                                        Bodied and smooth structure with a persistent bouquet, full fragrance with notes of jam and woodland fruity.     Grapes: Cannonau; Food pairing: red meat and cheeses. 

Goimajor DOC (13%) –  Cantina   Trexentra    ~  Sardegna-   € 19.50 
Ruby red with a nice and pleasant fragrance and typical aroma of berry and cacao.
Grapes: Cannonau –   Food pairing: pizza and chicken dishes  

  Antigu IGT  (13,5%) – Cantina Trexentra ~ Sardegna-    € 28.50                                                                                                      Ruby red with intense  fragrance of fruity and jam notes. Dry savory and full-bodied flavor.                                                          Grapes: Isola dei Nuraghi;   Food pairing: red meat and cheeses.    

 Monica Beranu DOC  (12,5%) – Cantina Trexentra ~ Sardegna-    € 18.50                                                                                Easy drink red winee. Fruty and pleasant with soft after taste.                                                                                                                         Grapes: Monica di Sardegna;   Food pairing: pizza and pasta.