Spaghetti Deliziosi €15.00

Pasta with prawns and asparagus in cherry tomato sauce. 2,5,8


Pasta Verde (V) €14.00

Fresh pasta with home made pesto sauce. 5,7,11


Pasta Saporite €14.00

Fresh home made pasta with broccoli, Italian sausage and tomato sauce. 1,5


Cannelloni €12.00

Oven baked tube pasta filled with minced meat and cheese in tomato sauce. 1,3,5,7


Lo Scoglio €15.00

Fresh home made pasta with mussels, leek and chickpeas. 1,2,4,5,8


Ortolana €14.00

Fresh home made pasta with mixed vegetables. 3,5


Tortellini Prosciutto e Panna €13.00

Fresh pasta filled with meat, with parma ham in creamy sauce. 3,5,7,10


Ravioli ricotta e spinaci (v) €14.00

Fresh pasta filled with ricotta and spinach in butter-sage or tomato sauce. 1,3,5,7


N.B. On request gluten free pasta is available


1 Celery, 2 Crustaceans, 3 Eggs, 4 Fish, 5 Gluten, 6 Lupin, 7 Milk, 8 Molluscs, 9 Mustard, 10 Nuts, 11 Peanuts, 12 Sesame Seeds, 13 Soyabean, 14 Sulphite