Tagliolini pescatrice   € 15,00
Long pasta with garlic, monk fish, cherry tomato and pesto.

Spaghetti alla puttanesca (v)  € 13,00
Spaghetti with capers, anchovies, black olives and chilly  in cherry tomato sauce.

Tagliolini asparagi e salmone  € 13,00
Long pasta with asparagus,onion and smoked salmon in rosy sauce.

Spaghetti A.O.P. (v)  € 10,00
Spaghetti with garlic, fresh chilly and extra virgin olive oil. Simple but very tasty.

Cannelloni    € 12,00
Oven baked tube pasta filled  with minced meat and mozzarella cheese in tomato sauce.

Tagliolini salsiccia e tartufo    € 15,00
Long pasta with fresh italian sausage, black truffles and wild mushroom in  creamy sauce.

Fettuccine amatriciana   € 13,00
Fettuccine with pancetta, onion and chilly in tomato sauce.

Mare & Monti   € 14,00
Pasta with prawns , mushroom, cherry tomato and pesto.

Totlellini prosciutto e panna € 13,00
Fresh pasta filled with meat in creamy sauce and smoked parma ham.

Ravioli ricotta e spinaci (v) € 14,00
Fresh pasta filled with spinach ,ricotta in butter and sage sauce or tomato sauce.